Those Cards And Things


It all started as a hobby-Mandy made cards for friends and family, sold a few bits here and there, never really thought of doing anything more. it all went on the back burner when we learned we were pregnant with twins after trying for 3 years and suffering a miscarriage. 

Then the unthinkable happened-Mandy went into labour at 23 weeks. We were told they had a 16% chance of survival and we prepared to lose two more babies. But they had other ideas. It took 5 months in hospital but we eventually got them home. Raising babies with health problems is challenging and we soon realised we would love to work from home and provide all the care they need at the same time-so a hobby became a business.

We met many parents along the way who were in heartbreaking situations and one day we were looking for a present to send to one who lives hours away. After spending a full morning online and being confronted with expensive "Cheese-lover's hamper" offerings, we realised we wanted to start making gifts ourselves. So we set about making a range of gift hampers that were modern, reasonable, and contained more than chutney! We will package up a hamper and send it anywhere you like, adding in one of our cards or other products too. If you don't see what you're after, just message us-everything is 100% customisable!


Adam & Mandy xx